Registration agreement of 2020 China Optics Valley Global Entrepreneurship Competition

1、The registered user information and all project information (including the entrepreneurial plan) of our website belong to the scope of confidentiality. We will try our best to ensure the safety and inviolability of the information. However, if there are irresistible factors such as hacker intrusion, system failure, etc., we will not bear the corresponding compensation liability。
2、Registered users are not allowed to share their accounts with other organizations or other people. Users should properly manage the account password and set the password that is not easy to crack. If the account is found to be stolen, it should contact us immediately。
3、 This website reserves the right to modify, interrupt and terminate any service at any time without notice to users. For any loss caused by the exercise of the above rights, the website shall not be liable to the user or any third party。
4、 The user explicitly agrees that all risks arising from the use of the website services shall be borne by the user himself. All consequences arising from its use of the website network services shall also be borne by itself, and the website shall not bear any responsibility to users。
5、It is agreed to authorize the organizer to use some videos or pictures of the applicant for relevant reports and publicity。
6、The ownership, operation right and interpretation right of the registered user service of the contest website belong to the organizer of the contest only. The website reserves the right to modify and improve this clause。