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Competition introduction

The 2020 Optics Valley of China 3551 Entrepreneurship Competition (Hereinafter referred to as "the competition"), themed " Gathering in the OVC, Creating the Future", aims to find quality projects from all over the world, and provide all-around support for the implementation of the projects here in the OVC. Since 2015, the 3551 Entrepreneurship Competition has been successfully held for four editions. Cumulatively, over 8,000 projects from more than 50 countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Israel have participated in the competition.

The competition this year was launched in August 2020. Supported by leading enterprises such as China Information Communication Technologies Group Corporation (CICT), Huawei Group, Xiaomi Group, Humanwell Healthcare Group, etc., 4 domestic divisions and 3 overseas divisions are established this year. By organizing a high-standard event and provide comprehensive support, the competition strives attract top entrepreneurial talents and projects from around the globe to empower the four core technological breakthrough industries in the "3+X” plan of the OVC. The competition offers 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, 6 third prizes, and 17 excellence prizes. For an individual project, the financial grant can be up to 3 million yuan, while the total financial grant offered by the competition is up to 15 million yuan. On top of this, the prize-winning projects can receive venture capital investment of up to 20 million yuan. The competition organizers will also invite investment institutions, renowned mentors, and representatives of leading companies to provide entrepreneurial counseling for high-quality entrepreneurial projects and cultivate new entrepreneurial stars.

Entry Conditions

1. The participant should be a scientific and technological enterprise registered after Jan 1, 2017, or a start-up team who has business proposals but has not yet established an enterprise;

2. Project of the participant fits into the core technological breakthrough industries in the "3+X” plan of the OVC: optoelectronic information, bio-medicine and medical equipment, intelligent industry, as well as Internet of Things, software and information technology, brain science, quantum information, and other cutting-edge industries of the future.

3. The participant should be a principal member of the entrepreneurial team. When representing an established enterprise, the participant should be its largest shareholder, holding no less than 30% of the shares;

4. The participating project should be innovative and of high growth potential. The participant or enterprise owns the relevant intellectual property rights (including pending IPR under application), and there should be no legal disputes over the IPR;

5. Projects that have received financial grants from various talents programs of the East Lake High-tech Development Zone, and winning projects of the previous four OVC 3551 Entrepreneurship Competitions are NOT eligible for this competition.

Furthermore, for a project to be registered in the European, Belt and Road, or Asia-Pacific Division, its principal participant should have experiences of studying, working or building business in the corresponding country, whose time of stay since returning (or coming) to China should be no longer than 10 years; for a participant who enrolls in a specific industrial division, the project should fit the category it is registered in. And one project can be registered in one division only.


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Warm Tips: The registration deadline of 2020 China Optics Valley Global Entrepreneurship Competition was September 30. Now, the projects are being reviewed by the jury. Please wait patiently. Dial 027-65526762 for consulting.